Freemindz is an entrepreneur, producer and manager. The CEO of music label Freemindz Records. He works together with international artists from around the world.





IT & Creative Manager
Terence Flash
This is music from the future.
We don’t live more in a world with one genre.
Terence Flash mixes elements of funk, soul, hip hop and r’n’b.
He grew up in Germany and dealt early with music.
In his youth he played keyboard and gradually learned several musical instruments.
With the help of his amazing voice and the German language,
he creates a never before heard sound.
He inspires people through his voice and his authentic personality.
His musical creativity knows no genre boundaries.


Manager /A&R
Dwayne Bugatti
Many years as a discjockey in private celebrations such as wedding, birthday, etc., but also in clubs and discos, he brings a lot of experience in this business.
Whether it’s a disco, a dance cafĂ© or a fun-tub – he has worked successfully in many well-known houses, some of them for several years.
He was also able to win his audience for various private celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc., as well as fashion shows, presentations, street festivals and business openings.
With his instinct for moods and tendencies before and during an event, he specifically uses the music as a control element to make the event an enjoyable experience for the audience, which one would like to remember.
Sometimes a loose saying, sometimes serious moderation, sometimes also silence, everything in his time, adapted to the situation and the audience meets the taste of the guests.
A broad musical spectrum can be served by him. Whether it’s a discofox, current charts, partymusics, or dignified dance music, his extensive archive includes Waltz, Tango, Rumba and more, as well as Discofox, Deutsche Schlager, House, Blackmusic.
Classic Rock – also here he is very well sorted and at special Classic Rock events he has already presented his extensive repertoire.
Its standard and Latin parties are particularly popular – especially for people who do not only dance constantly discofox, but also want to enjoy the entire bandwidth of the music in the latin and standard area.
No matter whether senior dance dance on Sunday afternoons or dance party, whether club, festive or open air, he is with the fun thing and has the appropriate repertoire for every kind of audience.
It all started with so many on private fetuses. At 18, he was at a discotheque visit simply once the microphone in the hand pressethis „virus“ is no longer out of it to bring out and still it always says again:d, because the house DJ after a dispute with the boss was briefly fired. Since then,
Only those who continue to develop above, who is standing will go down!

Director Merchandising & Creative Services
DJ IRONE X is a DJ and music producer who celebrated his breakthrough in 2004 and is also regarded as a kind of mentor for many musicians. During her rise, he supported many international artists.



Marketing Director International
Faxx Bullet
Faxx Bullet heard the first time hip hop at the age of 9 and was immediately
impressed by the music.
He began to write his own lyrics in 2003 and produced its own
beats in 2008.
By the end of 2009 he had completed his first demo.
Faxx Bullet was influenced by many hip-hop artists.
Especially from the early to mid-90s in New York hip hop.
With passion he raps and writes his lyrics.
He has managed to develop a fresh and innovative style.
His style is raw, intelligent and new school.
He gets the Inspieration for his texts from his life struggle.
He spent many sleepless nights, and plunged into a compulsive writing.
This led him eventually to the source of self-discovery.
Faxx Bullet embodies a wide range of musical influences.
His drive and hunger is evident in everything he does.
His rhymes are firmly rooted in his blood!

Director Promotion & Coordination
Pump Mac
Pump Mac the hopeful talent in hop hop creates using his hypnotic-pumping sound to bring the stage to shake.
He is called a word acrobat. He connects the play with the language and groovy rhythms masterfully.
His performances are very expressive and full of different flows and incredible skills.
The Ultimate Hip Hop Groove by Pump Mac music Mac takes you on an unforgettable journey.
He is a great artist whose path was blocked for many years with disappointment and seemingly immovable mountains.
At the age of 16, he began to try at the microphone.
Early on, he waded through the record collection of a friendly DJs and raps
about beats any kind.
This was followed by some gigs in various bars and smaller clubs, but soon also in larger venues in and around Los Angeles, as well as renowned clubs.
Apart from sophisticated rap skills pumping Mac has an extensive vocabulary,
a sharp observation skills and originality.
The man is a phenomenon!