Full service from design to implementation by our experienced production team.
– Beat creation
– Album production
– Song composition
– Filmmusic creation
– DJ Mixtape production
– Showmusic creation
– Sound design


The studio spaces not just succeed in a good atmosphere, but also a very pleasant base sound that give our recordings their distinctive character and a High-end sound.
We operate either fully digital, or analog with tape.The studios have several governments, recording and editing suites.
The studio rooms offer plenty of space with a perfect acoustic environment for veyed Recordings of any kind.
The acoustics of the room can be varied as required.



Freemindz Records aim is to record audio at the highest level and in its purest form.
In focus of the recording process is the consistently on high-quality components and shortest cable connections designed signal path.
We combine high quality microphones with excellent preamps.

To the highest level of audio recording,
you need optimum acoustic room.
The acoustically optimized recording room can be very flexible.
Depending on the production situation in a simple way a very dry,Sound insulated or a lively room sound can be produced.



Freemindz production specializes in high quality mix.
After the song composition and the studio recording we mix all the tracks in the song to a high gloss.

We bring the volume of individual tracks into balance, add quality effects and edit the instruments on the audio tracks with excellent sound equalizer.

Our mix brings the message of the song to express.



Mastering is the art of achieving a musical recording to the maximum effect.
The aim is to implement the vision of an artist in a best way.

The Mastering connects each frequency band within a song separately to a perfect Harmony.

With our experience, judgment and technology we give the clients the opportunity to optimize their sound.



Freemindz Records sound designers bring you in impressive soundscapes.

Our repertoire includes handmade Foley, futuristic sounds to specific atmospheres.
Freemindz Sound offers a unique, digital and analog sound experience.

Our sound design represents the sound of the past, present and future in a coherent soundscape.